I decided to binge watch Youtube videos of Sarah Rae Vargas, and this video came up(which everyone should watch at least once by the way). I decided to write a post about it.

What is said in this video, I couldn’t say it any better.

In this video, Sarah talks about the parts of her body that she has been self-conscious about and her journey. I wanted to share a part of my journey.

I have never been skinny. I was usually the “fat” kid growing up, or at least one of them. For the most part I was able to stay positive about my body. Though, it can be hard when a decent amount of your family can eat everything and still stay a size zero.

I have accepted that I will never be a zero. Yet, I am more self-conscious, now, being the smallest I have ever been compared to when I was pounds away from being obese. I think one reason is that I am older and more aware of my body. Though I am trying not to be so consumed with my weight, it’s not easy.

Getting through body negativity is a journey, but you are not alone. Everyone has insecurities about themselves. Surround yourselves around people who love you for you, not your looks. Stay strong. Stay beautiful.




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