My last first week of classes at IWU is over, and it was incredibly difficult to get through. It wasn’t all bad , but most of it was.

I am trying to cherish this semester because it is my last one at IWU, but in reality all I want to do is crawl in a ball and cry. Again knowing that when it’s over I am going to miss my school, I still keep telling myself only one more semester then I am done. My depression has progressively gotten worse since my aunt’s death. I thought once people were on campus it would get better, but it almost makes it harder not to shut down.

As much as my want for my aunt paralyzes me, I still have to live. As much as I’ve wished to die, I am still here.

Depression hurts so many people all over the world, and each person responds to it differently. It’s hard to determine how to help someone with depression because each case is different. You also can’t determine who is depressed and who isn’t by how they look, which is why spreading love is never a bad thing. If someone who is dealing with depression ends up reading this short post, I hope they feel less alone knowing someone else is dealing with depression.

Spread some love on #nationalsuicideawarenessday


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